Rocanal R3

Permanent Gangrene


Rocanal™- Permanent gangrene  R3 is a permanent

root canal filling cement for infected root canals.

A permanent sealing for infected root canals to be

used after complete preparation of gangrenous canals.

• NEW with improved antimicrobial effect.

• Specially developed with regard to the possible

  presence of unextracted and infected pulp residues.

• Biocompatible: does not contain formaldehyde,

  antibiotics or corticosteroids.

• Does not cause tissue irritation.

• Perfect sealing even without gutta-percha.

• Is not absorbed in the root canal.

• Excess  in the apical region is reabsorbed by


• Revision possible without problems



Rocanal R3: 5 ml liquid, 8 g powder, 1 pipette


Rocanal R3 double powder: 2 x 8 g powder, 1 pipette


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