Asba Core Automix


Multi-Purpose Core and Tooth Build-Up Resin

Dual Cure • Fluoride Releasing  • Hydrophilic

Radiopaque • Self-adhesive • Self-etching to Dentin


AsbaCore Automix is a multi-purpose, dual cure, resin-based dental restorative and core build-up material. It is moisture tolerant and has self-adhesive and self-etching properties that are compatible with all bonding agents. The material is fluoride releasing and radiopaque. It contains no Bisphenol A , no Bis-GMA, and no BPA derivatives.

AsbaCore Automix is dense like dentin and therefore cuts like dentin. AsbaCore Automix’s acidic monomer interacts with the urethane resin to produce a greater conversion of double bonds and a more complete cure, resulting in a denser material with increased hardness. As a result, rotary instruments transition smoothly from tooth to AsbaCore Automix, cut accurately, and do not ditch, gouge, gum up or chatter.

AsbaCore Automix is used for core build-up, post cementation, and as a multi-purpose repair material for fractured cusps and broken down teeth, defects in crown preparations, lost partial or whole fillings, and chipped or broken crowns or bridges.

Posts and cores can be placed in one step ensuring a homogeneous, one-piece internal structure. AsbaCore Automix also serves as an ideal core material in those cases where no post is indicated (as in fractures) because it flows into cracks and voids, bonds to tooth structure and is fluoride-releasing.

In restorations with retention form, AsbaCore Automix’s self-adhesive and self-etching properties may be sufficient for post and core procedures without the use of a bonding agent. However, to achieve highest bond strengths, etching and bonding agents are recommended.

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