Rocanal R3



Rocanal™- Permanent Gangrene R3 is a permanent filling cement for infected root canals.

Rocanal™- Permanent Gangrene R3 prevents failures in endodontic treatment caused by the presence of bacteria.

Rocanal Permanent Gangrene R3 prevents the growth of bacteria and secondary periapical complications.



• Bactericidal and fungicidal effects on the infected root

  canals thanks to the two active ingredients

  OrthoPhenylPhenol (5%) and Nitrofurazone 0.5%;

• during the pre-setting phase these two ingredients

  diffuse about 2mm and the pharmacodynamic effect


• excellent sealing properties thanks to volume stability.

• In case of overfilling, it causes neither pain nor damage

  because it is slowly reabsorbed only in the periapical

  region by macrophages present in the living tissue

  which gradually eliminate this excess.

• Contains no toxic ingredients;

• biocompatible.



5 ml liquid

8 g powder

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