Asba Primer A / Asba Primer B

4th Generation Dual Cure System



The original all-purpose adhesive system, for bonding

to dentin, enamel, porcelain, resins, precious and

non-precious metal and amalgam. This 4th generation adhesive system offers light cure and self-cure options.

The adhesive primer and resin bonding agent are separate components. The patented PMGDM adhesive chemistry with the magnesium salt of NTG-GMA provides higher bond strengths than the earlier PMDM formulas.


Primer A:

Light curable, mix with Primer B for dual cure capability for use with all indirect procedures.


Primer B:

Self-cure catalyst for Primer A.



• Cementation of post dentin/enamel bonding.

• Bonded porcelain restorations and porcelain repairs.

• Repair of porcelain fractured from metal framework.

• Bonding to precious and non-precious metals and

  porcelain fusing alloys.

• Bonding composite to existing amalgam.



Primer A: 1 x 6 ml

Primer B: 1 x 6 ml



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